Thomas Florence has performed in more or less every situation thinkable, and he is  available to perform for;


Private Performances


looking for something completely amazing and unique for a party? is it someone’s wedding or birthday and you are looking for mind-blowing and professional entertainment? or are you just throwing a house party?


if so look no further than Thomas Florence,

Thomas has been performed in all these situations from high calibre weddings to mind reading at house party’s and will work with you to create an amazing experience for all your guests. no matter what you want from an event Thomas’s years of experience means no matter what event you are looking to create Thomas can help you achieve that. once you have decided that Thomas is right for you he will work with you DIRECTLY to help achieve all you wish out of your event.

If you are planning a Private event and wish to discuss your entertainment needs please make contact to discuss how Thomas can help to create your event a mind-blowing and highly entertaining one.



Corporate Performances


Thomas is a perfect choice for any type of Corporate event from award ceremonies to trying to entertain and impress new clients. Thomas brings his unique, smart and polished style to every performance. No matter what the situation Thomas’s experience and charm will help to make your Corporate event, unforgettable and astonishing.


If you are planning a corporate event and wish to discuss your entertainment needs please make contact to discuss how Thomas can help to create your event a captivating and unforgettable one.

Consultant and Workshops

Thomas has run workshops which include Memory Techniques (for corporate, students and children with SPLDS, in association with 02) Confidence building, performance technique and Creative Activism. Thomas was privileged to have worked with The Yes Men  who trained him in creative activism and has run workshops which incorporates theirs and his own techniques of persuasion and has performed and presented at Byline Festival

Thomas has also consulted for various short films, fellow performers and Theatre productions utilising his knowledge to provide custom effects from safe escapology technique to audience management. To keep techniques secret each consultancy utilises a non-disclosure agreement however one of the films was a runner up in the Film The House competition. 

He has also created a well used safe version of the Russian Roulette routine.




Thomas Florence’s THE EVENT

the event


This is an unique and startling format which is perfect for dinner party’s as well as other events.

Thomas Florence’s THE EVENT takes  unused room (the smaller the more intimate and mysterious it can become) or a dinner party and turns it into a intimate location for astounding mind reading and psychological illusions. this is perfect for a dinner party or in small groups of 7 to 10 as part of an overall event. what happens in THE EVENT stays in THE EVENT…….


If you are interested in THE EVENT and wonder if it would suit your event please make contact to discuss further.