Thomas Florence has been performing for many years providing entertainment in many different environments for many different events, Thomas has also  performed workshops teaching some of his unique skills to help  people increase such skills as memory and confidence. Recently he has been working in the fields of creative activism and immersive theatre.

Below are a few of many Testimonials Thomas has received.




As seen on the Disney Channel

Private Performances

I love love love your smart,chatty, funny style.” -Jay Sankey

‘You are a time lord!’-John Culshaw

“Tom is just absolutely amazing at what he does, I’ve never seen a magician like him”-Saffron-Skye

 “Once he can fly he has done it all!”- Thomas A

“He is scarily good” -Laura

“The only way to explain it is..HE READ MY MIND!..AND WHILE HE WAS HANDCUFFED!”-Lauren

Restaurant Performances

“tom’s work is amazingly elegant, blending so many different aspects of magic into a seamless performance that leaves audiences stunned and wanting more. his innovative skills puts smiles on everyone’s faces and i still want to know how he does it.”-Ranjeet S, waiter

 “I seriously was impressed”-Helen , manager of a pub





The workshop was great, i not only increased my confidence a little but the effect you taught me left my brother stumped!”-Laura T

“AMAZING! make it a weekly thing, it was awesome”-Nathan


“”it was an uber cool experience and the way he communicated with the audience, made me feel i could speak up and usually i am quite shy”-Abigail